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Business or Personal, Web SPeED offers you the opportunity to manage your own site.
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Sand Dollar Digital Design
Build and Manage Your Own Web Site

  • No Software Needed.
  • No Training Needed.
  • No Complicated FTP Settings.
  • Work on your site anywhere, anytime.
  • Web Promotion Package Included.
  • Make Changes to Your Site as Often as You Want.

For years, the team at Sand Dollar Digital Design has built sites for businesses, individuals, government and non-profit organizations. These sites provide a place for communication within an organization and to the Internet connected world.

Sand Dollar Digital Design is offering you many of the best tools developed by our own staff. These tools and web sites are offered at a greatly reduced rate from the normal rates. That is because the Web SPeED: Web Site Page EDitor offers you the opportunity to select the look and content of your site. Also, through the use of standard web forms, you can develop the content, add photos and everything else you need for your own site.

Why can we offer such competitive rates?

After years of development, the tools offered here have been designed for automation and simplicity. They are designed for even a novice to the World Wide Web to set up, edit and maintain a professional web site.

Through extensive development, your site will include all the tools you will need to add photos, text, calendar events and more on simple web forms found in a secure login environment. Changes are applied to your web site immediately, no waiting for a web master to approve them or upload them.

Your site will be commercial and advertisement free! Sand Dollar Digital Design never places banner ads on your site that could potentially sent people away from your site.

Sand Dollar Digital Design invites you to try out one of our sample sites loaded with all the features you have available. The only requirement is to read the provided instructions and follow step by step to create your own web site.

Adult sites or content will not be accepted or tolerated!
Violation or abuse of this policy will result in the
immediate lose of the site and no refunds will be given.

* Size and number of pages on your site may effect the yearly cost of your site. Additional pages are available for an additional charge per page per year.

** Paid Yearly, hosting only, we also prefer to maintain your URL registration ( for $20/year.

Additional assistance, though seldom needed, is available in maintaining your web site, billed at our regular hourly rates.

World Traveler Tigger goes to Disneys Private Island, Castaway Cay in the Bahamas.  Only accessible by cruising on the Magic or Wonder on their Caribbean cruises.  Enjoy picturesque beaches, sunny weather, crystal clear water and their own village with food, shopping and more.
World Traveler Tigger goes to Disneys Private Island, Castaway Cay in the Bahamas
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Computer and Web Site Questions

Q: S3DNews Part 3 - Paid SEO Services:How to make your WEB SITE perform better for your company

A: September 19, 2010

There are a lot of Paid SEO Services in the market,
but you must do your homework to make sure you are getting
the most bang for your buck!

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimizatio... MORE

Q: How do I process credit card payment on my site and in my business?

A: Processing Credit Cards with an on-line card processing company as opposed to a 'terminal based' card processor is a highly competitive industry. Many companies are clamoring to gain market share that is dominated on-line by the PayPal giant.

Our... MORE


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Create Your Web Site
Every web site receives:
Reference Manual that is updated and easy to read. Live examples of what can be done with Web SPeED.
Live Support for times when you have tried to 'get it all to work' but need just a little more explaination or help.
Choice of Tools for you to select like a calendar, photo gallery, blog, links page, Q & A, FAQ's, contact form and more. Click for more!
Plenty of Space on your own site for 7 or more* pages and hundreds of photos.
Choice of Graphics Select from available templates, even change the look of your site when you want to.
Choice of Colors Select from available color palettes or add your own palette.
Ad Free!! No ads are placed on your site that could send people away.
Web Promotion Package for your site on a number of search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN and more.
Plus Monthly report of visits to your site.
Sign up today and receive at least
of web hosting.
As little as
$18.95 US
Per Month**
$199 one time setup
Seven (7) Page Site
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